I am married to Diane, the love of my life and we have 4 children and 6 grandchildren.

I joined the Army at the age of 17 and spent 3 years in the Regular Army mainly at Fort Belvoir, Virginia at the United States Army Engineer School as an Instructor and Non-Commissioned Officer. Upon discharge from the Service, I worked a brief period of time for Onan Electric as a Generator Technician and Inspector. After weekly visits to the Employment Office of Northern States Power Company, they hired me. (I think they did that to get me to stop bothering them.)

I stopped parachuting out of airplanes when I left the Army, but did buy a Hang Glider with a friend in the early 70’s and managed to enjoy that experience for a couple of years without getting hurt to badly.

After retiring from Xcel Energy, what was then Northern States Power Company, where I spent 35 years, I started a couple of small enterprises (hobbies) to keep busy. I built and maintained websites and also have a small Design Studio where I still do a very minimal amount of woodturning.  I am totally retired now and am enjoying life with photography and playing around on my computer, both hardware and software, but mainly working in our yard assisting my wife in maintaining her Plants, my Hosta Garden and all of the rest of the trees and shrubs.

Our Family