Woodturning a Primitive Snowman

A couple of decades ago I created a set of primitive Snowmen from aged and distressed pieces of wood. They had the shape and general form of a Snowman but showed all of the harsher aspects of the wood. It seemed like now was a good time to do one again as I found an exceptionally malformed piece of Buckthorn that I have been saving for a couple of years.

Turning distressed wood is always a challenge because of the voids (open spaces) and loose bark that can fly off at any time at speeds of over a hundred miles an hour.

This piece has all natural surfaces kept with only hand polishing on the non-turned areas, with the following decoration added; green hat band, handmade ceramic carrot nose

The Snowman is Signed, Dated and Logo hand applied on the bottom of the piece.

Screenshot 2014-08-10 16.28.17